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Administrative Solutions To The Environmental Problem

Politicians are very fond of telling their constituents, “Think globally, act locally.” To a certain extent, this works; when people everywhere come together and does their part – like recycling – in promoting environmental protection, something significant can be achieved. However, there are some things that are simply too big for the individual to handle. There are some decisions that can only be taken and enforced by the administrative powers that be.

Sanitation Saves or Kills
How well you plan your town or city is very important when it comes to the hygiene and well-being of its citizens. Human excretions are extremely toxic and should be disposed with care in order to prevent it mixing in with the ground water that usually supplies the town’s drinking water supply. This is why it is important to have a properly planned liquid waste management process that helps dispose of toxic materials and use whatever can be salvaged from it to better the environment.

(Re)Save the Land
With each passing year and policy, certain swathes of land are declared non-use or set aside as garbage dumps or earmarked for development. Due to these and other reasons like environmental and man-made catastrophes, land becomes unusable. However, with a thorough resource recovery Melbourne plan, even toxic chemical spills can (overtime) be ‘mopped’ up and the land reused. This is not something that an individual, or even a well-meaning group of Samaritans, can undertake by themselves unless they are experts who are volunteering. This requires specialist knowledge, skills, training and equipment. This is where the administration comes in.

Lady Law
Finally, it is the job of the administration to lay down the law regarding environmental protection. A lot can be achieved by civic minded citizens but there will always be those who do not comply with common sense practices such as separating their garbage in order to make it easier to recycle. There should be legislation in place to deal with instances of non-compliance with severe penalties that will guarantee that there is no repeat offense. If the administration does not take the initiative to pass laws and implement them, there will always be a group of people who will keep on destroying the environment for their gain.

Thus, it is important that the individual and the administration work together in order to protect the environment because each party has a function that cannot be carried out by the other. The individual can make a difference in their own palings while the administration can ensure it takes place everywhere else.

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